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Our History

Our History


RiteMED history began as an initiative of Unilab in response to the Government’s call for private companies to reduce the prices of essential drugs under Executive order GMA50.


In 2002, RiteMED started its operation as a manufacturer and marketer of off-patent, low cost pharmaceuticals that were 20 to 70% lower than their equivalent counter parts. It started with 20 essential drugs positioned as the “Right medicine, priced right”.

In 2004, RiteMEd added 15 more drugs for the treatment of chronic diseases bringing their line up to 35 drugs. Along with its broadened assortment of products, RiteMED expanded its reach to government hospitals, clinics and all key drugstores.

Beginning 2005, RiteMED began embracing a more advocative role in the Pharmaceutical industry. It enhanced its engagements with medico-scientific institutions, pharmacists, the trade and social groups to drive consumer-education, socio-civic mindedness and partnered activations all designed to bring the benefits of quality, affordable medicine to key sectors of society. These were also designed let the poor people know that they now have quality and affordable medicines within their reach.

From 2006 onwards, this formula of quality, affordability, accessibility and genuine advocacy for “making Filipinos healthy” is what drove growth in business, market share as well as corporate image.

To date, RiteMED has grown its assortment to include almost 200 medicines for diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, infection, pain, kidney, gastro-intestinal, asthma and allergy, cough and colds and vitamins.

It is also considered now as the #1 Branded Generic Medicine recommended by doctors and pharmacists, and most trusted pharmaceutical company in the country*

RiteMED products are accessible through ALL major drugstores nationwide.