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Thank you, Miss Susan Roces, for a decade of partnership

July 27, 2022

Originally published by INQUIRER.net BrandRoom / 01:52 PM May 23, 2022

It has been more than 10 years since we saw Miss Susan Roces on TV sharing a story about an old lady buying expensive medicines. This worried her, made her weep, for she knew even then that there are quality, yet affordable medicines that people can buy. This marked the start of her partnership with RiteMED, a partnership that pushed for the right of Filipinos to having access to affordable quality medicines. A partnership that seemed destined to happen.

At a speaking engagement held some years back, Miss Susan shared an untold story about her father. When she was young, her father, who was a doctor, would visit patients in their community, giving free medical consultations. She remembers that her father advocates providing free healthcare to the sick, especially the less fortunate. And when RiteMED approached her to become their Brand Ambassador, she was reminded of her father, thus it became easy for her to say yes to the role. She thought this might be a way for her to continue the advocacy and legacy of her father.


And so, for the past 10 years, Miss Susan became the face of RiteMED. We saw her sad, weeping for people who can’t afford to buy expensive medicines. Then, we saw her wagging her finger, admonishing consumers who buy expensive branded products when there are alternatives. With this, she kept on reminding consumers to always ask – be it their doctor or the pharmacist – if there are medicines that are of equal quality, yet more affordable for their budget. She even sang, and danced, so that people will always remember. With her help, the mindset of the Filipino consumer has changed. From “Bawal magkasakit” since getting sick is costly, they would always remember that “Bawal ang mahal”, and that means they have the right to quality and more affordable medicines, including essential maintenance medicines.


To many, she is the Queen of Philippine Movies; Lola Kap to viewers and fans of teleseryes; and Tita Swannie to friends and people she work with in the industry. But to the sick, she serves as inspiration, a partner, the face and voice of what they’re fighting for – the right and easy access of every Filipino to healthcare products and services, regardless of their social status. Because of this, she will forever remain in the hearts of every Filipino who believes that healthcare is a right of all, and not only of a selected few nor the rich. She will always be remembered by Filipinos whom she empowered – Filipino consumers “na hindi nahihiyang magtanong”.

Farewell, Miss Susan… Thank you for all your contributions, especially the care and wisdom that you shared to every Filipino.