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Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo Pays it Forward as RiteMed Brand Ambassador

July 13, 2015

Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo, who has been RiteMed’s brand ambassador for two years, is happy to endorse a brand that she believes in and to have found a company that allows her to make a difference in the lives of many Filipinos.

“RiteMed’s products are products that we really use at home. I only endorse brands that I believe in. When it concerns our own family’s health and well-being, we must be very cautious and careful with our choices,” says Judy Ann.          

The actress, who is expecting her third child with husband Ryan Agoncillo, really takes to heart the message of her latest television commercial (TVC) for RiteMed—‘Maging Ligtas sa Duda’ (Be Safe from Doubts). As a family woman, Judy Ann does not take anything for granted to ensure her children and husband’s safety.           

From the meals she personally prepares to the medicines or vitamins she gives them, Judy Ann is careful with her choices. As she cited in her TVC, one should pay attention to doubts, however small, to avoid trouble or danger. Judy Ann as a wife, mother and chef goes for quality and safety at all times.

In the TVC, a woman at a pharmacy is not sure if the medicine/product is of high-quality. And Judy Ann appears on screen to warn the woman to pay serious attention to her doubt (duda) and dispel it by going for premium manufactured RiteMed products.

“High quality does not need to be expensive. It can be affordable. The most important consideration for me is that the products are healthy and safe for my family. Madalas kung ano pa ang mura, yun pa ang mas effective (most of the time, the affordable ones are more effective). Just like in cooking, you can substitute expensive ingredients with affordable but healthier and high-quality ones,” says Judy Ann.          

The celebrity endorser recently launched her cookbook, Judy Ann’s Kitchen, which contains her favorite recipes (from comfort foods to kids’ snacks). She said she really made a conscious

effort to make her recipes simple and not to appear as expensive gourmet cuisines. “I do not want people to be intimidated. I want the recipes to be easy-to-do, so anyone can try it,” Chef Judy Ann says.

A second cookbook may be in the offing and she said it will be about healthy cooking and eating. According to Judy Ann, she and Ryan have become more conscious about leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

Judy Ann is thankful to RiteMed for also supporting her cookbook project. “I am just so happy that I found a company that takes care of my needs just like a family. I am thankful to be part of the RiteMed family. They are very supportive. Madaling kausap (easy to deal with),” she cites. 

Through RiteMed, Judy Ann feels fortunate to be given the opportunity to help Filipinos get access to affordably priced high-quality medicines. “I believe in the advocacy of RiteMed in promoting access to affordable but high-quality medicines. We share the same goal of giving back or paying it forward to the people,” she adds.

RiteMed, launched in 2002, is the leading unibranded line of medicines in the country. It has a comprehensive portfolio of therapeutic and over-the-counter medicines. Recently, it launched an app which provides access to information regarding the availability and price of its products. The RiteMed app can be downloaded at the Google Play Store for Android users and the Apple Store for iOS users.